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Nordicware 15040 Cast Aluminum Stovetop Belgium Waffler

This product wins!
Bake delicious Belgium Waffles Compact and easy to store design
Pros [90]: excellent turnout, superb wafflers, works brilliantly, absolutely delicious, works perfectly, were well loved, wonderful waffles, really happy, works best, great addition, were amazing, works well..
Cons [4]: stick coating, puzzled by amazon, it's non stick, trial and error..
Best price: £92.14
 [Senti score 91.4%]   

Belgian Waffle Maker Rotary Electric Iron 180° with Non Stick Coated Cooking Plates

Quick; Make delicious waffles in less than 5 minutes with no hassle Easy to use; Just pour in your ingredients, and the electric waffle maker will tell you when your waffles are ready to eat
Pros [168]: absolutely perfect, absolutely brilliant, really pleased, absolutely incredible, brilliant piece, excellent product, brilliant best, most amazing, works brilliantly, excellent works, brilliant product, absolutely fantastic..
Cons [132]: extremely disappointed, really horrible, absolutely poor, performed perfectly, begin to bubble, sore throat, became jammed, nasty feel, burns quickly, only issue, fall apart, more expensive..
 [Senti score 86.1%]   

VonShef Waffle Maker, Large Quad Belgian Waffle Easy Clean Non-Stick Coated Plates & Automatic Temperature Control

Golden brown or light and fluffy, with the Dual Belgian Waffle Maker from VonShef, you can whip up two delicious waffles in just a matter of minutes
Pros [211]: absolutely brilliant, excellent product, very pleased, brilliant results, brilliant gadget, excellent grill, most amazing, excellent piece, great protein waffles, highly recommend, very delicious, really good..
Cons [92]: really disappointed, incredibly disappointed, very disappointed, mess when you overpour, mashed potato, dont overpour, only issue, made cheaply, seems slow, more expensive, very deformed, very expensive..
Best price: £27.99 (7% off)
 [Senti score 82.8%]   

NETTA Waffle Maker Iron Machine - Non-Stick Coating | Deep Cooking Plates | Adjustable Temperature Control

EXTRA DEEP NON-STICK COATING PLATES: This NETTA 700W Waffle Maker features integrated extra-deep cooking plates with a non-stick coating meaning you can cook waffles to perfection every time. It also boasts a temperature control option as well as light indicators for ‘power’ and ‘ready to cook’.
Pros [217]: product excellent, absolutely love, excellent product, brilliant picture, absolutely fantastic, best thing, strongly recommend, really good, favourite veggies, works perfectly, extra minute, been brilliant..
Cons [51]: extremely disappointed, absolute waste, takes forever, white not gold, only issue, chemical taste, therefore ca n't review, very soggy, very impractical, flat waffle, very badly, very cracked..
Best price: £27.99
 [Senti score 81.9%]   

Quest 35950 Twin Two Slice Waffle Maker Iron, Stainless Steel, 1000 W

MAKE TWO WAFFLES AT A TIME - Fed up of making one waffle at a time? - well now you can make 2 at once! Perfect for family breakfasts or family gatherings.
Pros [88]: excellent product, brilliant product, super convenient, really good, comes out perfect, excellent waffle maker, perfect waffle maker, impressions are fantastic, works quickly, sturdy materials, perfect waffles, looks good..
Cons [22]: very disappointed, total disappointment, very messy, very fussy, cheaply made, correct thickness, arrived broken, non removable plates, poor reviews, mixed reviews, top plate is useless, very very poor..
Best price: £23.99 (20% off)
 [Senti score 81.0%]   

Global Gourmet - American Waffle Maker Iron Machine 700W I Electric I Stainless Steel Mould I Non-Stick Coating I Recipes I Deep Cooking Plates I Adjustable Temperature Control

American Style Waffle Maker 🇬🇧 A truly British company Since 1946 - Often copied but never matched on quality or service. The integrated extra deep cooking plates with non-stick coating cook waffles to perfection,
Pros [200]: absolutely brilliant, amazing love, excellent product, very pleased, absolutely love this, absolutely delicious, brilliant product, complete success, absolutely fantastic, excellent results, favourite desserts, great feedback..
Cons [129]: complete waste, total mess, really disappointed, very disappointed, takes forever, absolutely terrible, quite poorly, damaged packaging, much disappointment, really tricky, disappointing product, doesnt cook..
Best price: £27.95
 [Senti score 78.8%]   

Andrew James Volcano Waffle Maker for Deep Belgian Waffles | Easy to Use No Mess Waffle Machine with Non-Stick Plates

INNOVATIVE BELGIAN WAFFLE MAKER -- Indulge in thick and delicious Belgian-style waffles with your Andrew James Volcano Waffle Maker. As opposed to thin and crispy waffles, the deep pockets mean you can fill them with your favourite ingredients such as strawberries and cream.
Pros [211]: absolutely brilliant, excellent love, excellent product, very pleased, most amazing, excellent works, really excellent, brilliant product, works beautifully, super good, charity shop, incredibly well..
Cons [194]: extremely disappointed, total waste, worst thing, extremely poor, absolutely dreadful, very disappointed, really annoying, takes forever, very flimsy construction, still sloppy, sorely disappointed, without sticking..
 [Senti score 75.1%]   

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