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Hasbro Gaming Cluedo the Classic Mystery Board Game

Who committed the murder in the mansion? Eliminate the suspects and discover whodunit, with what and where
Pros [191]: excellent product, great packaging, really good, favourite boardgame, great thing, family love, excellent thanks, absolutely loved, brilliant service, great thankyou, grandson loved, really enjoy..
Cons [46]: quite boring, very confusing, defective product, losing focus, murder suspects, only gripe, made cheaply, knotted twine, dull scissors, little disappointing, rival games, n't very well..
Best price: £26.00
 [Senti score 88.7%]   

Ticket To Ride - Play With Alexa

A fast-paced, award-winning board game Connect iconic North American cities and build your train routes to earn points
Pros [207]: super satisfying, seriously awesome, huge success, excellent board game, absolutely love this, absolutely enjoyed, the first 2 games, highly highly, delightful entry, very entertaining, incredibly well, highly recommend..
Cons [215]: just boring, very confusing, arrived defective, terribly annoying, boring game, lengthy game, most frustrating, glaringly obvious, difficult and annoying, that is annoying, very frustrating, took forever..
Best price: £28.00 (30% off)
 [Senti score 87.1%]   

Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Classic Game

Fast-dealing property trading game Players buy, sell and trade to win
Pros [206]: absolutely perfect, absolutely brilliant, excellent product, very pleased, sounds brilliant, quite good, really enjoyable, brilliant playing, good laugh, very enjoyable, bargain all round, highly recommend..
Cons [88]: really disappointing, very disappointed, gets bored, forever playing games, sour taste, dumbed down, more expensive, becomes bankrupt, became a bit laggy, more dangerous, stupid stations, property fiend..
Best price: £14.95 (38% off)
 [Senti score 86.2%]   

Jumanji Original Board Game

A game for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind. Play the game that pursues you! Do not begin unless you intend to finish.
Pros [95]: really engaging, super happy, quite good, very enjoyable, highly recommend, great thanks, really good, little disappointed, absolutely loved, they loved, they enjoy, great family..
Cons [62]: total waste, very dissapointed, very bored, really disappointing, very disappointed, thoroughly disappointed, disappointing ripoff, boring boring, very boring, quite confusing, boring game, rolling dice..
Best price: £11.99
 [Senti score 69.1%]   

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