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Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Swirl Women's Razor with Venus Flexiball

Razor with Venus Flexiball pivots to contour to your body for a flawless shave Five diamondā€like coated razor blades, ideally balanced, glide over your skin
Pros [72]: really brilliant, absolutely beautiful, amazing razor, great packaging, highly recommend, best results, very satisfied, super smooth, great grip, good price, order regulars, razor nice..
Cons [10]: hurt yourself, poor relation, waste your money, lost it while travelling, n't rave enough, little razor, will last ages, still too expensive, main razor, with a bad head..
Best price: £16.95
 [Senti score 94.6%]   

BIC Miss Soleil Women's Disposable Razors

2 packs of 4 pretty and practical triple-blade Razors for women that put the fun in shaving with unique flower designed handles Expect a smooth close shave with the 3 high-quality stainless steel blades on these BIC Miss Soleil Razors
Pros [41]: excellent product, really happy, good shaver, great price, great value, comfortable shave, disposable razors, sensitive skin, excellent value, good value, sharp enough, these shavers..
Cons [11]: left with stubble, not reduce that, small epilator, feel prickly, small patches, pretty annoying, n't have any issues, these bad boys, hate and resent shaving, failing with, never did a fine..
Best price: £5.00 (37% off)
 [Senti score 85.3%]   

Wilkinson Sword Eyebrow Razor Shaper Facial Hair Remover and Trimmer

Wilkinson Sword Eyebrow Razor Shaper Facial Hair Remover and trimmer, Exfoliating Dermaplanning tool for Women and Men 3 Pieces High quality blade with micro guards which are uniquely designed to help protect your skin
Pros [137]: really pleased, super sharp, brilliant thing, quite good, quite sharp, highly recommend, really good, really sharp, worked great, amazing product, extremely sharp, designated purpose..
Cons [43]: these dull, really apprehensive, fake product, fault these, very difficult, locked cupboard, cheap ones, dead layer, time consuming, very patchy, n't like these, however as embarrassing..
Best price: £3.00 (14% off)
 [Senti score 83.7%]   

Gillette Venus Comfortglide Spa Breeze 2-in-1 Women's Razor + 2 Blade Refills, with Shaving Gel Bars

Wrap your skin in comfort with comfortglide Spa Breeze Women's razor with three curve-hugging blades for a smooth shave
Pros [74]: absolutely fantastic, really good, absolutely amazing, real bargain, smells amazing, really fast, product is great, works well, best price, great price, decent quality razor, love these..
Cons [15]: disgusting to look at, returning them, less chance, little beauts, dark patches, wouldnt use anything, sexist of course, worry i doubt amazon, will never go back, n't be using another, literally painful to, buying these..
Best price: £7.49 (46% off)
 [Senti score 80.7%]   

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Ultra Moisture Razor

For a for particularly gentle shave Visible moisture bands.
Pros [33]: excellent product, great thanks, really good, stayed abit, excellent shave, very effective, genuine and worth, does an excellent, easier and quicker, best shaver, fabulous razor, quality products..
Cons [11]: irritation on my legs, very clumsy, very bad product, already damaged, slightly irritated, does not give a close, quite bulky, n't give a close, crack and fall, would n't buy this again, would not be without..
 [Senti score 79.5%]   

Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Sensitive Disposable Razors

The Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Sensitive Disposable Razor provides excellent performance in a four blade razor
Pros [105]: excellent thank, well thanks, totally pleased, glides smoothly, really good, amazing product, really clean, absolute bargain, great grip, good price, love these, more hygienic..
Cons [25]: quite dull, needing moisturisers, proven wrong, disposable gillette, dull blade, irritation cuts, unwanted hair, little dimple, complain about this, lack colour change, disposable hand razor, very poor quality..
Best price: £3.85 (33% off)
 [Senti score 79.3%]   

Wilkinson Sword Quattro Razor for Women

4 blades with compact pivoting head that follows the contours of your body, making it quick easy and effective Extra large conditioning strip with vitamin B complex and improves comfort and glide
Pros [139]: super sharp, very smoothly, favourite colour, really good, genuine article, quick flick, favourite razer, extremely smooth, very effective, good price, reasonably price, great price..
Cons [27]: sore underarms, only issue, more expensive, gone rusty, very expensive, prevent irritation, obliterate any hair, skin irritation, remove hair wont, become blunt, vigorous swill, replacement heads..
Best price: £7.18
 [Senti score 77.9%]   

ILLUVA Eyebrow Razors Facial Hair Remover

What You Get: 6 Pcs Eyebrow Razors in 3 colors (blue, pink, yellow) Mild and Painless: Using this facial hair razor is a safe, gentle, and effective way. It is milder than pulling, waxing or threading, reducing pain and redness
Pros [192]: works perfect, excellent product, very pleased, brilliant product, great little razors, quite sharp, really smoothly, highly recommend, best thing, super affordable, really good, quite satisfying..
Cons [173]: total waste, absolutely disgusting, absolutely crap, terrible waste, very disappointed, rough and useless, absolutely awful, huge problem, blunt dull, disappointed really, worst product, really uncomfortable..
Best price: £2.99
 [Senti score 74.6%]   

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