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Sinocare Safe AQ Voice Glucometer

This product wins!
intimate smart voice guides your measurements and broadcasts results, give you meticulous care, more easily and conveniently use for the elderly. No more worry about complex use
Pros [190]: very informative, excellent product, very pleased, very detailed, outstanding product, excellent piece, superb product, incredibly well, good piece, super speedy, highly recommend, sophisticated easy to..
Cons [134]: absolutely dreadful, very inaccurate, made me suspicious, totally unacceptable, errors happening, false low readings, unfinished product, only issue, fatally misleading, expiration date, even worse, borderline diabetes..
Best price: £23.99 (20% off)
 [Senti score 85.2%]   

Codefree Blood Glucose Monitor/Monitoring Test/Testing Kit

Convenient - the meter is small (47mm x 95mm x 17.5mm) and lightweight (47.5g with battery) and comes with a free carry case so that you can take your SD CodeFree Meter with you anywhere.
Pros [197]: excellent product, very pleased, excellent piece, superb product, good piece, highly recommend, always excellent, extremely good, really good, works perfectly, sweet thanks, happy and great..
Cons [115]: nowso disappointed, quite abusive, higher result, error basis, error readings, massive problems, thick skinned, needing medication, more expensive, spent money, same fault, minor fault..
Best price: £19.49
 [Senti score 82.9%]   

GlucoRx Nexus Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit

A sleek and attractive blood glucose monitor Strip Ejection facility to avoid blood contact
Pros [139]: excellent product, excellent thank, brilliant product, excellent piece, highly recommend, extremely good, manufacturer implied, very well constructed, works quickly, compact item, works well, good price..
Cons [86]: complete waste, total waste, disappointed this, useless and unreliable, bothers me too much, from doctors, error messages, same issue, seems unreliable, user error, more expensive, even worse..
Best price: £17.99
 [Senti score 71.8%]   

Blood Cholesterol Monitor kit 3 in 1 Meter System, EasyLife Blood Cholesterol, Blood Glucose and Blood

Glucose Meter Cholesterol Meter Uric Acid (Gout) Meter 3 in 1 function Supplied with starter packs of each test strip (see product description)
Pros [42]: excellent product, really good, calibration is excellent, self testing, works well, works fine, good condition, swinging the arms, more helpful, excellent service, quite well, everything supplied..
Cons [48]: quite disappointed, very inaccurate, shame i wasted, total rubbish, confusing product, does n't work, test solution, dosent work, return this, trouble shooting, waste money, attempts nothing..
Best price: £49.98
 [Senti score 51.9%]   

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