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MLMLANT [Upgrade Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner with 9-Piece Accessory Set - Multi-Purpose and Multi-Surface All Natural

CHEMICAL FREE & SAFE: Chemical free with no harmful fumes or residue. Includes a safety lock on the handle and a safety cap for added peace of mind for your safety. Avoid using harmful chemicals cleaning counter tops, floors, table, kids toys, washroom, toilet, bathroom, carpet, window, pet box more.
Pros [55]: excellent product, very pleased, most powerful, brilliant product, highly recommend, really good, great hand help, fast and powerful, good result, works a treat, amazing customer service, does an amazing..
Cons [21]: really stubborn, little clumsy, very dangerous, needing refilling, arrived damaged, elbow grease, prevent injury, really awkward, send out replacements, thought of covid, small burn, main complaint..
Best price: £98.60
 [Senti score 80.0%]   

MarkUK Electric Handheld Portable Hand Held Powerful Steamer Cleaning Set with Accessories

Handheld Steam Cleaner - easily removes dirt without the need of chemicals Ideal to use: kitchen, bathroom, windows, carpets, Rugs etc
Pros [71]: excellent product, very pleased, brilliant job overall, very powerful, brilliant steamer, brilliant product, good really, absolutely everything, great effectiveness, good price, handy item, speedy delivery..
Cons [29]: termperamental waste, needing cleaning, terrible item, star ratting, screw unscrew, heat dispersal, absolute rubbish, returned item, little helper, waste your money, leaked everywhere, cheap chinese..
 [Senti score 73.0%]   

VYTRONIX HSG1000 Portable 1000W Multi-Purpose Handheld Steamer Oven Window Tile Garment Steam Cleaner

Lightweight, Accessory kit included, Powerful 1000W boiler, Multi-purpose 3m Power cord
Pros [171]: super powerful, brilliant piece, excellent product, very pleased, works brilliantly, quite good, brilliant product, really good, says excellent, great cleaner, great results, worked properly..
Cons [80]: complete waste, cold steam, keeps leaking, useless finish, loosens '' up dirt, stop selling, total rubbish, limescale remover, stubborn stains, very cumbersome, doesnt disapoint, chemical weedkiller..
 [Senti score 72.3%]   

Hoover SteamJet Express Handheld Steam Cleaner, SSNH1000, Chemical-Free, Hygiene, Allergy, Best Germ Killer,

Enhanced handheld steam gun for shifting stubborn grime Light and easy-to-use Fast heat up times
Pros [221]: really powerful, excellent product, very pleased, very powerful, works brilliantly, excellent works, quite good, brilliant product, well good set of tools, great thanks, really good, best results..
Cons [213]: complete waste, utter waste, total waste, just collapses, quite annoying, really disappointed, very disappointed, takes forever, hardest stains, horrible thing, worst carrier, worst product..
Best price: £84.99
 [Senti score 70.9%]   

Comforday Multi-Purpose Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner with 9-Piece Accessory Kit for Multi-Surface Stain Removal

Nine free accessories to adapt cleaner to every situation: Stairs, carpet, clothing, car interior and rims, etc. Gets into hard to reach areas. Multi-surface use: Works on every surface including laminate, hardwood, fabric, upholstery, ceramic, linoleum, glass, marble and granite.
Pros [229]: super powerful, brilliant works, brilliant piece, excellent product, very pleased, very powerful, brilliant gadget, excellent sanitiser, wonderful attachments, amazing cleaner, works brilliantly, great performance..
Cons [216]: total waste, very dissapointed, rather pathetic, takes forever, poor packaging, absolutely disappointed, tank waste, very difficult, harsh chemicals, storage issue, scrubbing heads, only issue..
Best price: £29.99 (27% off)
 [Senti score 68.9%]   

VonHaus Multi-Purpose Handheld Staem Sterilize Cleaner | Corded Lightweight Staemer for Upholstery

Multi purpose - powerful multi-purpose staem cleaner - Great for use in and around the home garage vehicles Gardens patios offices & more Removes dirt dust mould grease grime stains & marks on a huge variety of surfaces
Pros [117]: fantastic i love, excellent product, brilliant product, best thing, worked wonders, really fast, pleased and so easy, very effective, works a treat, highly recommend, does a brilliant, excellent steam..
Cons [63]: complete waste, been disappointed, shooting guidelines, massive shame, most awkward, hard grease, someone borrowed, very stiff, just rubbish, pretty useless, only problem, elbow grease..
 [Senti score 66.5%]   

Quest 1 41940 Pet Box .25 Litre, 1000 W, 3 Bar, Best Germ Killer, Plastic, 1050 W

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - This handheld steam cleaner is the perfect accessory to help you with the cleaning of kitchen appliances, clothes, upholstery, cars, bathrooms and any other unclean area around your house. This powerful steam gets deep into burnt on grease and food spills, to make cleaning cookers and ovens easy.
Pros [216]: excellent results, tremendously well, really amazing, excellent product, brilliant product, terrific product, great results, excellent service, really pleased, best result, absolutely brilliant, great attachments..
Cons [270]: very disappointed, poor quality, shame and waste, flounders somewhat, very dissapointed, very disappointing, complete waste, very dangerous, remove limescale, unfortunately the steam, shampoo scum, various complaints..
Best price: £31.89
 [Senti score 63.6%]   

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