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Tisserand Aromatherapy - Total De-Stress MoodFix Mist

100 Percent natural pure essential oils A peaceful blend of sweet orange, balancing geranium and warming nutmeg
Pros [157]: absolutely brilliant, excellent love, very pleased, really pleasant, brilliant product, absolutely fantastic, really good, amazingly relaxing, smells amazing, amazing and so calming, just wonderful, works a treat..
Cons [45]: fall asleep, huge disappointment, anxiety disorder, very disappointed, terrible trouble, sticky residue, error thing, real shame, chemical sensitivities, recyclable plastic, stressed boyfriend, very weak water..
Best price: £7.48 (27% off)
 [Senti score 77.3%]   

L-Theanine 400mg Supplement 90 Capsules UK Made. Pharmaceutical Grade

Manufactured using high quality PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE ingredients. Manufactured in the UK under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) under License in an ISO accredited facility
Pros [45]: highly recommend, really good, works a treat, super product, positive aspects, very quickly, life saver, good enough, good value, relaxed attention, very happy, theanine consumption..
Cons [15]: lowering anxiety, empty stomach, dying recently, caffeine slump, getting stress, find l theanine, were too expensive, stress or low mood, different hope, focus and social anxiety, asleep 😴 no drowsiness, dead in 3 months..
Best price: £8.99
 [Senti score 75.8%]   

Neurobalance, Zinc, Magnesium & Vitamin B6 Supplement for Adults & Children

WIDE-RANGING BENEFITS for the brain, central nervous system, immune function, promoting restful sleep, healthy hormones & greater energy
Pros [46]: excellent information, brilliant product, amazing defo, worked wonders, good vitamin, more relaxed, massive improvement, little pill, peaceful sleep, much relaxed, good product, strong enough..
Cons [23]: fall asleep, quite horrible, pretty poor, quit smoking, adverse effect, small child, after seizures, health problems, deplete zinc, lactose intolerance, less moody, folic acid..
Best price: £9.33 (22% off)
 [Senti score 74.4%]   

5HTP – 400mg Griffonia Seed Extract – 240 Vegan Tablets

Each of our 240 Vegan Friendly tablets contain 400mg of natural high strength Griffonia Seed (8:1) extract to provide 50mg of 5HTP. The Griffonia Seed extract is sourced sustainably from the Atlantic Coast of Western Africa.
Pros [202]: truly brilliant, absolutely brilliant, truly excellent, absolutely love, excellent product, brilliant results, highly highly, good strength, great improvement, great packaging, most wonderful, amazing results..
Cons [173]: reduced anxiety, extremely tired, fall asleep, boring books, what worst, with anxiety, disappointed especially, misses there, working although, worst quality, anxiety and depression, anxiety overthinking..
 [Senti score 71.9%]   

Kalms Herbal Tablets - 200 Tablets Original Formulation

A traditional herbal remedy Containing a blend of pure plant ingredients
Pros [243]: excellent product, bargain bottle, calm and happy, highly recommend, best thing, great thanks, really good, favourite herb, packaging good, brilliant things, worked wonders, sweet tasting..
Cons [213]: severe anxiety, severe migraines, total waste, absoulte waste, fall asleep, anxiety is horrible, anxiety disorder, extreme anxiety, very disappointed, with anxiety, really tired, poor replacement..
 [Senti score 64.9%]   

Calm Balm - Anxiety, Stress, Panic Relief - 100% Organic for Adults & Children

100% Organic Hand Blended Balm to help relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety or panic. For children age from 3 years & adults, hand made by an Aromatherapist in England
Pros [64]: really excellent, super small, surprisingly well, great little, works a treat, ease right, smells nice, smells good, helpful button, pleasant balm, chilled and relaxed, calming smell..
Cons [26]: absolutely waste, panic attack, negative effects, relieving my anxiety, panic relief, more stressed, little container, ongoing anxiety, does n't work, calm and stress, such a shoddy, anxiety stress..
Best price: £7.50
 [Senti score 61.0%]   

Nytol Herbal Simply Sleep One A Night Tablets

Herbal Remedy. Used for the occasional relief of sleep disturbance.
Pros [45]: excellent product, works a treat, reasonably good, good sleep, more relaxed, five stars, many thanks, light sleeper, very gentle, very strongly, definitely recommend, restful nights..
Cons [58]: complete waste, total waste, fall asleep, really awful, absolutely useless, become pointless, lack of sleep, never dream, severe issue, didnt work, dosent work, threw them..
 [Senti score 47.9%]   

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