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Gillette Fusion Razor Blades - Pack of 8 Refills

Designed for a closer shave* with guaranteed comfort. *vs. MACH3 5 blades tightened to reduce the pressure; for a closer, even more comfortable shave.
Pros [39]: excellent product, brilliant as always, works well, good price, unbeatable price, great price, good delivery, fast delivery, very durable, excellent value, good condition, good value..
Cons [3]: not keep edge, seem to be repeating, loves gillette fusion..
Best price: £23.35
 [Senti score 88.2%]   

BIC Flex 3 Men's Razors

Sold as a pack of 4, this triple independently movable-blade razor for men is perfect for a close and soft shave Large lubricating strip with vitamin E and aloe vera gives you a smooth glide
Pros [105]: excellent product, very pleased, super sharp, really good, there brilliant, favourite shaver, they are brilliant, excellent shave, nice grip to and perfect, very well designed, good grippy, were amazing..
Cons [18]: stupidly expensive, stopped again, awkward system, does n't cut much, clogged with hair, first shave, would n't recommend, little friction, mega expensive gillette, blood loss, that were uncomfortable, more expensive per razor..
Best price: £2.93 (31% off)
 [Senti score 86.9%]   

Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3 Ultimate Men's Disposable Razors

Performance disposable shaving 3 flexible blades, that follow the angles of your face, to provide comfort and control when shaving
Pros [199]: absolutely brilliant, works perfect, very amazing, excellent product, very pleased, absolutely superb, shaving oils, highly recommend, really good, genuine article, bargain value, excellent shave..
Cons [71]: entirely redundant, absolutely awful, worst razor blade, horrible post, doesnt work, disposable plastics, disposable blades, somewhat pricey, disposable pack, drops down, deal too well, only issue..
Best price: £5.44 (5% off)
 [Senti score 80.6%]   

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Razor Blades For Men

Gillette razor blades with five anti-friction blades; a shave you barely feel Precision Trimmer on back, better for edging tough areas (nose and sideburns)
Pros [210]: excellent product, delivery brilliant, very pleased, excellent packaging, shaving enjoyable, superb results, genuine quality blades, genuine product, quite good, superb quality razors, superb product, good bargain..
Cons [74]: they are copies, worst blades, pure waste, condescending pricks, fake gillete, ridiculous amount, fake blades, does n't clear, cheap deal, definitely fake, dull blades, cardboard packaging..
Best price: £28.41
 [Senti score 79.3%]   

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Men's Razor Blades

Water Activated Gel Reservoir: Designed to protect men's skin and deliver 40% less friction than a razor with lubrication strip* 5 ultra-glide razor blades with skin guards: Smooth the skin's surface, helping to reduce irritation
Pros [16]: good price, ordering these, great value, reliable blade, good shave, genuine items, good value, smooth painless, quality product, would recommend, confirm my experience, recommend them..
Cons [6]: rough and painful, blunt and painful, very scratchy, waste of money, bad they were, could they be fake..
Best price: £15.99 (6% off)
 [Senti score 71.4%]   

Shave It Grand 6-Blade Razor with Handle and 4 Blades

The world's first 6-blade razor. Enjoy a thorough shave in just one go An elegant, timeless design that epitomises form and function
Pros [245]: very pleased, absolutely superb, quite sharp, remarkably good, absolutely impressed, really good, little disappointed, shaving kits, really sharp, incredibly sharp, give an excellent, gives me an excellent..
Cons [105]: awful experience, worst razor, unacceptable drag, really uncomfortable, very overpriced, ridiculous price, small issue, seems stuck, only issue, glossy plastic, small gripe, more expensive..
 [Senti score 68.9%]   

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