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Nicorette Cools 20 Lozenges, 2 mg (Stop Smoking Aid)

Nicorette Lozenge starts to relieve nicotine cravings in 2 minutes For smokers who smoke 20 cigarettes or fewer per day
Pros [72]: excellent product, very enjoyable, highly recommend, really good, excellent thanks, very effective, these taste great, works well, great deal, good price, great price, taste great..
Cons [27]: complete waste, entirely disgusting, taste awful, horrible chalk taste, break down, more expensive, quit smoking, stop smoking, little willpower, says no chewing, heavy smokers, quit for over 2 years..
Best price: £5.25
 [Senti score 79.0%]   

Nicorette Gum - Icy White, 2 mg, 25 Pieces – Also Whitens Teeth – Stop Smoking Aid

Keep Cravings in Check - Nicorette sugar free chewing gum actively fight cravings to help you quit smoking once & for all.
Pros [156]: excellent product, very pleased, amazing fast, excellent nuuf, really effective, really good, highly addictive, good flavor, found this excellent, these work perfect for, sweet mint flavour, great thank you..
Cons [65]: awful experience, crap burns, smoking cigars, smoking aids, smoking vaping, taste horrendous, these babies, very underwhelming, stomach pain, quit smoking, quit cigarete, goes away worked..
 [Senti score 77.7%]   

Nicotinell Nicotine Lozenge, Quit Smoking Aid, Sugar Free Mint Flavour

Why Nicotinell: Nicotinell nicotine lozenge helps to quit smoking by relieving five withdrawal symptoms of quitting - anxiety, frustration, restlessness, irritability and cravings
Pros [55]: best thing, excellent replacement, brilliant thankyou, cheap and genuine, great thanx, swift delivery, works well, good price, great price, fast delivery, very quick, satisfactory item..
Cons [19]: severe gastritis, firm lozenge, smoking cigarettes, quit again, collecting dust, replacement therapy, stop smoking, stale product, even help cut down, not like them, need patches, started smoking..
Best price: £18.38
 [Senti score 74.7%]   

Nicotinell Nicotine Gum, Quit Smoking Aid, Mint Flavour

Why Nicotinell: Nicotinell nicotine gum helps to quit smoking by relieving five withdrawal symptoms of quitting - anxiety, frustration, restlessness, irritability and cravings
Pros [36]: flavour excellent, works well, good price, great price, good delivery, perfect texture, very quickly, lasting flavour, lovely flavour, excellent value, good value, delivered quickly..
Cons [28]: worst thing, taste awful, horrible no flavour, poor quality, burned tobacco, more expensive, feel antipathy no, quit smoking, horrible taste, strict lockdown, stop smoking, very expensive..
Best price: £10.31
 [Senti score 73.9%]   

Nicorette InvisiPatch, Step 1, 25 mg, 14 Nicotine Patches (Stop Smoking Aid)

Nicorette InvisiPatch is a once-a-day way to beat nicotine cravings Help tackle cravings for up to 16 hours
Pros [67]: excellent fast, very pleased, brilliant beauties, best thing, great thanks, really good, very satisfactory, great thankyou, great avlue, great price, great help, speedy delivery..
Cons [64]: very disappointed, awful cravings, falling off bad product, wasted money, smoking cigarettes, quit smoking, horrible habit, quit nicotine, other patches, have expired, like other patches, were faulty..
Best price: £21.50
 [Senti score 65.6%]   

Nicorette Nasal Spray - Nicotine Spray - Stop Smoking Aids

Fast Acting Relief - Nicorette Nasal Spray works fast to provide fast, powerful craving relief for heavy smokers as well as light smokers
Pros [51]: amazing product, really good, well worth, fairly pleased, absolutely fantastic, absolutely amazing, very effectively, with prime, ease quickly, free delivery, very useful, almost instantly..
Cons [39]: burning sensation, very bad anxiety, absolute crap, more expensive, heavy smokers, nasty taste, slightly misleading, faint hearted, most expensive, slight burning, lung cancer, side effects..
Best price: £18.22
 [Senti score 64.7%]   

Nicotinell Nicotine Patch, Quit Smoking Aid Step 1, 24 Hour Patch

Why Nicotinell: Nicotinell nicotine patch helps to quit smoking by relieving five withdrawal symptoms of quitting- anxiety, frustration, restlessness, irritability and cravings
Pros [27]: happy customer, really great, definitely helped, speedy delivery, free lollipops, great value, prompt delivery, good value, they stick, stick well, with no problems, completed stage..
Cons [22]: very disappointed, nightmare cases, worse adhesion, quit for good, having nightmares, disturbed sleep, didnt stay, short sleeves, stuck them, waste of money, really bad and indepth, missing from 1..
Best price: £22.95
 [Senti score 62.2%]   

NiQuitin Clear Patch - Step 1 21mg, 7 Patches - Stop Smoking Aid

Control nicotine cravings: Clinically proven patch to reduce smoking - doubles your chances of quitting compared to willpower alone Smart Control technology: Releases a fast and continuous flow of therapeutic nicotine - transparent patches for discreet application
Pros [185]: excellent product, very pleased, superb thank, well highly, best thing, really good, absolutely amazing, worked a treat, recommend these patches, very effective, good time and quality, postage excellent..
Cons [187]: total waste, really disappointing, huge worry, awful experience, very disappointed, absolutely awful, poor value, trouble falling asleep, worst product, absolutely useless, hard earned money, rolling tobacco..
Best price: £11.98
 [Senti score 62.0%]   

Nicorette QuickMist Mouth Spray, Freshmint, Single Pack, 1 mg - Stop Smoking Aid

Fast Craving Relief - Nicorette QuickMist starts to relieve cravings in just 30 seconds to help you quit smoking once & for all.
Pros [65]: excellent product, brilliant product, really effective, amazing product, good price, great price, great taste, really well, look forward, taste buds, large spray dose, good point..
Cons [87]: hate nicotine, tasted awful, horrible product, absolutely vile, hiccups burning, tasted terrible, truly vile, really sore, horrible burns, seriously annoying, that stopped, really bad hiccups..
Best price: £12.30
 [Senti score 60.3%]   

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