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Topkey 12 Inch Luminous Wall Clock Silent Wooden Design Night Lights Round Wall Clock for Living Room and Bedroom

Non-Ticking Wall Clock: Super-quality quartz sweep movement guarantees accurate time and absolutely silent environment. Luminous Numbers: In the daytime, it only needs to be used under normal light or light to absorb the light energy. At night, the number and the pointer will emit light when there is no light at all.
Pros [203]: very ingenious, lovely and perfect, excellent product, nice beautiful, works brilliantly, very bright, glows beautifully, brilliant silent clock, highly recommend, black clock, luminous numbers, clock is brilliant..
Cons [59]: poor quilty, poor eyesight, very disappointed, late and broken, only gripe, slowing down, does n't work, arrived damaged, very unsatisfied, very blurred, only blight, motor noise..
Best price: £13.99
 [Senti score 82.6%]   

Foxtop Kids Wall Clock Silent Non-Ticking Sweep Quartz Mechanism - Easy to Read Colorful Numbers

Time Teaching Wall Clock - Make Learning the Time More Fun! Brightly coloured numbers, unique second hands with flower design.
Pros [147]: really pleased, very beautiful, very pleased, brilliant this clock, highly recommend, real winner, silently brilliant, really good, works perfectly, large cheerful, love love love, bright beautiful..
Cons [40]: quite inaccurate, losing time, falls down, more expensive, does n't work, would n't work, would replace, wooden colour, from the photo, stopped working, it's broken, waste of money..
 [Senti score 79.6%]   

Klass Home Collection Stunning Silent Skeleton Indoor/Garden Large Wall Clock Roman Numeral Open Face Metal Clock

Design Features: Stunning classic vintage wall clock can put yourself in the past, the large wall clocks contracted style and rich nostalgic feelings. Round shape make you feel comfortable, when you hang it on the wall, this beautiful wall clock make your house become elegant.
Pros [174]: absolutely love, excellent product, very pleased, absolutely fantastic, solid piece, highly recommend, really good, very appealing, amazing product, lovely made clock, really fast, love love love..
Cons [101]: total waste, failure sums, really disappointed, very disappointed, absolutely awful, poor hands, time & so good, limp waste, very flimsy, deficient product, more expensive, does n't work..
Best price: £21.95 (27% off)
 [Senti score 79.2%]   

Topkey Wall Clock 12" Silent Non Ticking Arabic Numeral Clock Round Decorative Wall Clock for Living Room

SILENT MOVEMENT - Quiet sweep and precise quartz movements to guarantee accurate time, ensure a good sleeping and working environment. LARGE NUMBERS DISPLAY - Large and clear 3D arabic numerals make it easy to see from any corner of your room.
Pros [256]: absolutely perfect, excellent product, very pleased, super fast, quite good, really good, works perfectly, really decent, noise wise perfect, good colour, very pleasant, classic and perfect..
Cons [79]: very confusing, faint whirr, rather dirty, more expensive, does n't work, doing damage, scuff marks, didnt work, remove it again, white not grey, gone louder, single aa battery..
Best price: £12.99
 [Senti score 77.8%]   

jomparis Quality Silent Quartz Sweep Wall Clock 12 Inches Grey Round Decorative Clock for Kitchen

Completely Silent: Super quality quartz sweep movement guarantees accurate time and absolutely silent environment,suitable for bedroom, kitchen, meeting room and any other places which needs a silent environment.
Pros [133]: absolutely gorgeous, really pleased, very beautiful, very pleased, really good, very smart, lovely colour, impressed and happy, shiny and clean, rose gold colour, works well, works properly..
Cons [47]: disturb her sleep, more expensive, very noisy, does n't work, disappointing thing, humming noise, doesnt tick, considering returning, started loud clicking, clocks time, weird noises, silent in operation..
Best price: £12.99
 [Senti score 76.9%]   

SOLEDI Wall Clocks for Living Room Modern, Large Wall Clocks for Home and Office Silent DIY Frameless Wall Clock

New High-density Foam---Lighter and more flexible. Better fit the shape of the mirror. Can be work for a long time. Long Pointer Design---Made from high-quality alloy material. After numerous design,modifications which ensure the pointer¡¯s stability of long rotation.
Pros [118]: absolutely beautiful, absolutely love, excellent product, highly recommend, really good, amazing looking, great admiration, excellent and sticks well, conventional clock, very effective, clock is perfect, beautiful amazing l love..
Cons [41]: very disappointed, absolutely awful, very flimsy, absolutely useless, doesnt work, motor dont work, does n't work, still defective, came incomplete, slow hands, going downhill, absolute rubbish..
Best price: £14.99
 [Senti score 71.5%]   

REAL ACCESSORIES® Large Silver Round Stylish Modern Wall Clock

Featuring a classic Silver frame Our Clock will hang beautifully in your Kitchen or Dining Room.
Pros [172]: product excellent, excellent product, very pleased, extremely delicate, really good, works perfectly, very satisfied, works a treat, excellent clock easy, looks amazing, works well, good price..
Cons [112]: absolute waste, total waste, utter garbage, poor eyesight, very disappointed, time waste, worst wall clock, shoddy and cheap, absolutely useless, quite noisy, doesnt work, jagged edges..
Best price: £9.79 (25% off)
 [Senti score 67.6%]   

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