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Autoglym Aqua Wax Kit

Auto Express Best Buy 2011 Imparts a brilliant smear-free finish on ALL exterior surfaces, even when the vehicle is wet
Pros [185]: absolutely perfect, absolutely brilliant, excellent product, very pleased, great wax finish, brilliant shine, amazing shine, absolutely sensational, brilliant stuff, impressive results, excellent shine, outstanding product..
Cons [56]: been disappointed, seem expensive, white residue, time issues, really interested, remove excess moisture, only problem, elbow grease, defo buying, soon wears, always used, against dirt..
Best price: £12.23 (17% off)
 [Senti score 91.2%]   

Turtle Wax 51769 Original Car Wax Paste Kit Hard Shell Shine

Legendary Super Hard Shell Protection Lasts For Up To 12 Months & Will Give Your Car Maximum Shine.
Pros [90]: absolutely brilliant, superb shine, highly recommend, really good, great results, really clean, finish is brilliant, great car polish, beautiful shine, good stuuf, good beading, good value car..
Cons [17]: proved messy, leave marks, elbow grease, pointless residue, clumsy enough, screw back, sending it back, dirty water, cheap thin plastic, cracked and sun bleached, buff the haze, not little paint chips..
 [Senti score 88.0%]   

Bilt Hamber BHDSW250 Double Speed-Wax

Easy to use last stage paste wax for the protection of highly finished automobile paint systems.
Pros [205]: absolutely brilliant, absolutely stunning, truly excellent, excellent product, very pleased, brilliant results, brilliant shine, excellent beading, brilliant stuff, absolutely superb, very satisfying, superb protection..
Cons [91]: been disappointed, very difficult, muddy water, obnoxious spray, slides down, only gripe, white residue, only issue, fake reviews, colder weather, more expensive, horrendous weather..
Best price: £15.30 (22% off)
 [Senti score 86.8%]   

Meguiar's Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Paste Car Wax

Luxurious Carnauba-polymer blend creates a strong, long-lasting protection to preserve your finish with a brilliant dazzling shine Special blend of Carnauba plus protecting polymers that is safe and effective on all paint types
Pros [241]: truly spectacular, extremely satisfying, excellent product, very pleased, jolly good, brilliant shine, dazzling shine, superb results, excellent shine, outstanding results, excellent results, amazing beading..
Cons [50]: extremely annoying, leave white marks, white residue, more expensive, remove contaminants, just slides, elbow grease, zero stars, repels rain and dirt, uneven finish, lesser price, large panels..
Best price: £21.79 (15% off)
 [Senti score 85.2%]   

Turtle Wax Color Magic Ultra Blue Wax

Turtle Wax Colour Magic Plus: proprietary color match system is formulated specifically for rejuvenating and enhancing the color of car finish. Color Dark Blue
Pros [219]: excellent matches, excellent product, very pleased, brilliant shine, brilliant sheen, brilliant stuff, excellent shine, brilliant product, great improvement, excellent results, perfect everything, absolutely fine..
Cons [77]: very disappointed, modern roads, very shallow, disposable gloves, more expensive, scuff marks, damage paintwork, useless completely, little scratches, no instructions include, only problem, elbow grease..
Best price: £12.79
 [Senti score 80.1%]   

Formula 1 Carnauba Car Paste Wax

Only Formula 1 uses superior #1 Grade Carnauba Wax. Advanced micropolishers remove minor scratches and haze, bringing out the true, rich color of auto paint.
Pros [27]: great polish, shines them, more shiny, very shiny, good condition, luster and protection, specular value, removes easy, easy to remove, nice shine, easy to apply, happy with..
Cons [5]: offensive odor, subzero temperatures, gross residue, removed by hand, less than 3 minutes..
 [Senti score 75.0%]   

Simoniz Original Carnauba Wax

Original hard wax Lasting protection, brilliant shine
Pros [182]: absolutely brilliant, excellent product, very satisfying, totally clean, husband pleased, superb product, outstanding service, really good, best results, works perfectly, looked spectacular, super careful..
Cons [86]: total waste, afraid its disappointment, hugely inferior, looked terrible, been a disaster, worst car product, horrid streaks, dull residue, remove all residue, cloudy haze, more expensive, even worse..
Best price: £8.50
 [Senti score 73.2%]   

Sonax 301200 Perfection Polishing Wax

Provides outstanding long-lasting protection against weathering and gently removes tar stains
Pros [14]: excellent product, brilliant results, super shine, proper staff, great value, very efficient, good value, good quality, cotton cloths, good quality polish, smooth even, excellent polish..
Cons [6]: residual dust, much difference, mess of your hands, not what i expected, waste of time, turtle chip sick..
Best price: £17.23
 [Senti score 71.4%]   

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