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Rennie Deflatine Trapped Wind Tablets | Bloating Relief | Heartburn Relief | Indigestion Relief

Fast and effective tablets for heartburn, indigestion and acid reflux Chewable sugar-free tablets for on-the-go relief
Pros [72]: excellent product, amazing product, real success, eases indigestion, works a treat, super product, indigestion problems, works quickly, good price, reasonably well, pleasant taste, fast delivery..
Cons [20]: causing distress, rather painful, trapped void, strained stomach, very painful, anyone suffering, stomach pains, buying deflatine, suffer from, already posted, painful trapped wind, trapped wind and tummy..
 [Senti score 86.3%]   

Andrews Original Salts, Fast and Effective Relief from Upset Stomach

Fast and effective relief from upset stomach Contains magnesium sulphate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, citric acid
Pros [129]: excellent product, superb cheers, really effective, great thanks, really good, works perfectly, eating too much, eases indigestion, product is amazing, sparking water, very effective, great recommended..
Cons [54]: complete waste, horrible pains, unbelievably stupid, pointless plastic spoon, been bad timing, indigestion symptoms, liver salts, having problems, fallout syndrome, stomach cancer, slightly flat, citric acid..
 [Senti score 84.8%]   

Rennie Spearmint Heartburn & Indigestion Relief Tablets

Fast relief from heartburn, indigestion and acid reflux Can be taken day or night for fast relief
Pros [122]: excellent product, great thanks, picking up a bargain, these are brilliant, very effective, works a treat, great and very good, good oorder, good bargin, brilliant for heart, occasional great, nice flavour..
Cons [34]: complete waste, really bad heartburn, chalky rubbish, more expensive, crushed and unusable, very misleading, expected peppermint, indigestion tablets, going forever, acid reflux, cheap price, acidic reflux..
Best price: £5.39 (14% off)
 [Senti score 82.4%]   

Buscopan IBS Relief

Buscopan IBS Relief effectively relieves cramping abdominal pain and discomfort associated with IBS Different from analgesics, it is specifically designed to target the source of pain and cramps
Pros [170]: excellent product, superb product, highly recommend, really good, brilliant tablets, helped thanks, great for helping, good quailty, price is brilliant, does relieve, stomach brilliantly, works well..
Cons [72]: really nasty, cramping ibs pain, these babies, more expensive, cramp pains, stomach pain, period pain, cramping pain, under my rib cage, feel groggy, much worse, wind pains..
Best price: £8.75
 [Senti score 80.2%]   

Gaviscon Double Action Tablets Heartburn and Indigestion

For Dual Heartburn and Indigestion Relife: Gaviscon double action tablets get to work in two different ways: neutralising excess stomach acid and forming a protective barrier over the stomach contents to keep stomach acid in the stomach
Pros [198]: highly effective, excellent product, very powerful, relieve heartburn, relieve reflux, quite good, most pleasant, really good, help prevent heartburn, real bargain, gaviscon excellent, absolutely recomend..
Cons [90]: severe heartburn, severe bloating, really painful, taste awful, indigestion or reflux, opinion suck, sick burps, indigestion long, stupid claim, causing hyperactivity, more expensive, ripped off also..
 [Senti score 79.6%]   

Nexium Control Heartburn and Acid Reflux Relief Tablets

Take control of your heartburn with Nexium control For 24 hour protection from heartburn and acid reflux
Pros [4]: excellent product, quick and efficient, good and helpful, really works..
Cons [4]: really bad reflux, suffer from, have no taste, hiatus hernia..
Best price: £8.44 (5% off)
 [Senti score 75.0%]   

Colpermin IBS Relief - Contains Natural Peppermint Oil That Relieves IBS Symptoms

COLPERMIN IBS Relief contains Natural Peppermint Oil that+E7 relieves IBS Symptoms Suitable for adults and the elderly
Pros [73]: incredibly well, great relief, highly recommend, very natural, worked wonders, they are excellent, very effective, works best, wont let ya down, fast relief, works well, good price..
Cons [40]: really painful, cramping symptoms, troublesome symptoms, blocked bowel, stomach pain, were all broken, suppliers fault, more stress, hernia operation, slow release coating, getting worse, will stress..
 [Senti score 72.0%]   

GUARDIUM Tablets Heartburn and Acid Reflux Control by Gaviscon

Burning pain in your chest? Do you suffer from frequent heartburn and acid reflux? Guardium provides convenient, long lasting relief* from frequent heartburn symptoms *full effects may take 2-3 days
Pros [26]: very pleased, amazingly well, works well, great price, works wonders, good value, much better, worked instantly, much cheaper, quick delivery, product helpful, original formulation..
Cons [13]: seems expensive, arnt broken, been prescribed that, just a shame, could prove expensive, acid reflux, blister pack, cheap option, liquid gaviscon, will a distant memory, that's not working, a sign of improvement..
Best price: £8.49 (29% off)
 [Senti score 71.0%]   

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