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Epsilon Magnesium Glycinate - Pure, 100% Chelated Mag Bisglycinate

This product wins!
Because it is 100% chelated, activated and non-buffered or—to put it simply—because it is so pure, it gives you all the benefits of Magnesium without the bloating, diarrhoea and other inconveniences you get with lesser brands. Which, though they may be similar in price, are poles apart in terms of purity.
Pros [88]: excellent product, brilliant booster, excellent absorption, favourite magnesium, capsule form, good friend, good price, great value, competitive price, more efficiently, recommend these, ordering again..
Cons [19]: incredibly uncomfortable, harmful additives, stomach pain, only problem, side effects, issues with, upset stomachs, feel depleted, some supplements are, trial and error, adverse reaction, stomach problems..
Best price: £17.99
 [Senti score 88.4%]   

Magnesium Citrate 1480mg with 444mg Elemental Magnesium per Serving - 180 Super Strength Capsules

Our magnesium supplements are supplied with no fillers or bulking agents. Each pill simply contains 1480mg of Magnesium Citrate. This provides you 444mg of elemental magnesium which is easily absorbed into your body.
Pros [123]: excellent product, very pleased, excellent ingredients, highly recommend, extremely good, really good, excellent offer, firstly excellent, better concentration, outstanding quality, very effective, promptly well..
Cons [20]: really painful, very disappointed, horrible symptoms, side effects, having trouble, system sleep, aches and pains, lightweight packaging, anxiety much lower, fault the service, that i was not expecting, what's not to like..
Best price: £16.94 (11% off)
 [Senti score 85.6%]   

Lindens Zinc Magnesium & Vitamin B6 Tablets

Popular high-quality, great value food supplement Three important nutrients in one convenient tablet popular with both men & women
Pros [36]: excellent product, great deal, great price, nice tablets, great value, fast delivery, quality products, great products, excellent value, good value, reasonably priced, good product..
Cons [7]: hate tablets, arrived straight away, only issue, only disadvantage, sugar coated, difficult to swallow, cramping episodes..
Best price: £7.48
 [Senti score 84.9%]   

Lindens Magnesium 500mg Tablets

Muscle Function Reduction of Tiredness & fatigue
Pros [125]: excellent product, very pleased, genuine product, highly recommend, extremely good, really good, perfect thanks, improved tremendously, good magnesium, good supplements, good cleanse, really happy..
Cons [29]: anxiety and depression, anxiety & very, hurt anymore, rough edges, restless leg syndrome, tricky to swallow, tired even, self seal pack, stopped using them, hurt my throat, stressed and anxious, not dissolve there either..
Best price: £5.78 (17% off)
 [Senti score 79.2%]   

BetterYou Original Magnesium Oil Spray - 100ml

Strongest and purest magnesium chloride spray (31% concentration) An effective and convenient alternative to tablets and capsules
Pros [245]: works amazing, works perfect, excellent product, very pleased, brilliant product, superb product, great relief, highly recommend, unbelievably fast, extremely good, really good, helps enormously..
Cons [220]: awful cramp, really painful, horrible cramping, really sore, larger cheaper, depression and anxiety, amazons stupid #, sting too much, really uncomfortable, very overpriced, wasted purchase, weird residue..
Best price: £8.00 (43% off)
 [Senti score 69.9%]   

Solgar Magnesium Citrate Tablets

Highly absorbable ‘citrate’ form of magnesium Supports muscle and nervous system function
Pros [191]: very amazing, excellent love, excellent product, very pleased, excellent multivitamin, amazing thanks, genuine product, brilliant product, complete success, moderate success, brilliant form, great reputation..
Cons [129]: total waste, really disappointing, absolutely dreadful, loose stools, really tired, awful pain, depression and anxiety, choking hazard, without sticking, jagged edges, very difficult, cramp problem..
Best price: £16.99 (23% off)
 [Senti score 69.6%]   

High Absorption Magnesium for Leg Cramps and Sore Muscles, Restless Leg Syndrome Relief

MgSport is the only magnesium supplement with Vitamin B6, Vitamin E and Vitamin D for better absorption to help with muscle spasms and restless leg syndrome. Helps with leg, calf and foot cramps for athletes and runners.
Pros [161]: excellent product, highly recommend, best thing, really good, finest ingredients, absolutely amazing, capsule size, worked a treat, reduced significantly, very effective, very satisfied, works a treat..
Cons [81]: total waste, really bad reaction, sore muscles, impending cramp, hurt myself, repetitive bad dreams, aches pains, feel unwell, panic reviews, severe cramping, most horrendous, severe problems..
Best price: £17.57
 [Senti score 67.6%]   

BetterYou Magnesium Sleep Body Spray - 100ml

Magnesium chloride spray with a combination of essential oils (28% concentration) Relieves muscle tension and naturally aids a good night's sleep
Pros [256]: really brilliant, works amazing, excellent product, very pleased, absolutely excellent, brilliant product, absolutely fantastic, helped tremendously, superb product, huge improvement, amazing weve, highly recommend..
Cons [244]: total waste, fall asleep, smells awful, really painful, smelt awful, very disappointed, most awful, feel horrible, worst itch, about uncontrollably, severe insomnia, most disgusting..
Best price: £8.98 (36% off)
 [Senti score 63.5%]   

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