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Andreia Professional NutriColor - Breathable Vegan Nail Polish - NC8 Nude

BRATHABLE NAIL POLISH Permeable to Water Vapour created using Advanced Technology VEGAN - Made without Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP, Camphor, Xylene, Ethul Tosylamide, Parabens and Acetone
Pros [45]: really good, lovely colour and drys, lovely colour, good hardness, beautiful colour, natural products, decent amount, performs well, very prompt, early perfect, even better, highly recommended..
Cons [3]: very patchy, would n't recommend, does n't chip much..
Best price: £9.30
 [Senti score 90.3%]   

Essie Original Nail Polish, 23 Eternal Optimist

Intense rich colour with high coverage Wide brush for quick, easy and smooth application
Pros [151]: most beautiful, amazing colour, great reputation, favourite polish, favourite colour, really good, absolutely recommend, dries really, works perfectly, great consistency, very natural, perfect thanks..
Cons [28]: really disappointed, hours waste, polish was awful, little gripe, rather streaky, scrubbing pans, very streaky, still streaky, item theft, less chance, more oblique, extremely thin..
Best price: £6.71 (7% off)
 [Senti score 85.7%]   

Barry M Cosmetics Under The Sea Nail Paint, Angelfish

Barry M Under The Sea Nail Paint, Angelfish Free from Animal Testing
Pros [222]: really beautiful, absolutely gorgeous, absolutely beautiful, extremely gorgeous, excellent product, very pleased, amazing layered, super fast, quite good, amazing colour, wonderful colour, solid colour..
Cons [50]: very dissapointed, dried really quickly, more expensive, gold shimmer, totally wrong, thin coats, only negative, overpowering smell, doesnt chip, looks nowhere, nail varnishes, nail polishes..
Best price: £2.87 (28% off)
 [Senti score 85.4%]   

Maybelline New York Superstay 7 Days Polish Effect Gel 08 Passionate Red

Beauty products Nail Polish - Nail Polish Products by Maybelline
Pros [217]: absolutely stunning, really pleased, very beautiful, most beautiful, excellent product, very pleased, brilliant colour, brilliant stuff, superb stays, very bright, really gorgeous, highly recommend..
Cons [80]: really disappointing, very disappointed, awful stuff, absolutely awful, really bad consistency, worst polish, watered down, very streaky, polish remover, looks horrendous, only problem, false ones..
Best price: £4.99
 [Senti score 81.9%]   

NYK1 Nail Bond Super Strong Nail Tip Bond Glue Adhesive with Brush

EXTRA-FILL Superstrong Nail Tip Adhesive with Fine Precision Applicator Quick Dry Anti-Fungal Nail Care Glue
Pros [192]: product excellent, absolutely delighted, excellent product, very pleased, super strong, brilliant thanks, super fast, brilliant product, absolutely fantastic, great improvement, amazing quality, strong best..
Cons [95]: annoying cracks, extremely disappointed, really disappointing, very worst, really disappointed, horrible product, very disappointed, were false, wears down, disappointing item, more expensive, covid lockdown..
Best price: £9.99 (23% off)
 [Senti score 80.8%]   

Rimmel 60 Seconds Super-Shine Nail Polish, All Nails On Deck

3-In-1 nail colour Technology High-impact colour, ultra-shiny finish One stroke colour with a base and protective glossy top coat finish
Pros [201]: absolutely gorgeous, absolutely perfect, absolutely stunning, really pleased, excellent product, stunning colour, absolutely superb, very smoothly, nice warm shade, solid silver colour, favourite colour, adds shine..
Cons [97]: very disappointed, simply awful, takes forever, extremely pale, looked awful, extremely streaky, overly long, uneven mess, counterfeit product, less noticeable, expiration date, user error..
Best price: £3.94
 [Senti score 80.5%]   

Bluesky Matte Top UV/Gel Nail Polish

Salon quality manicure at home 2 Week Gel Manicure
Pros [203]: works perfect, excellent product, absolutely bargain, very pleased, absolutely love this, wonderful manicure, brilliant thank, works brilliantly, excellent shine, quite good, brilliant product, super shine..
Cons [118]: quite dull, very disappointed, worst my money, fairly unpleasant, sticky residue, tacky residue, glossy cures, arrived empty, doesnt weld, coat problem, glossy taco, unhealthy appearance..
Best price: £7.50
 [Senti score 76.0%]   

Sally Hansen 3D Gel Shine (Shellac-Like Finish) Top Coat

Top coat that gives you instant gel shine and volume with no uv light needed Transform your manicure - Goes on thick, dries quick
Pros [221]: absolutely brilliant, works amazing, excellent product, very pleased, brilliant shine, absolutely awesome, amazing shine, super fast, brilliant product, brilliant brilliant, absolutely fantastic, truly magic..
Cons [123]: absolute waste, complete waste, total waste, quite disappointed, really disappointed, very disappointed, takes forever, absolutely awful, completely ruined, awful product, double duty, look awful..
 [Senti score 73.5%]   

Rimmel Rita Ora 60 Seconds Nail Polish Fashion Heaven

Ultra-shiny on trend shades created by Rita Ora Quick drying: ready to go in under 60 seconds
Pros [202]: absolutely gorgeous, absolutely beautiful, absolutely stunning, excellent product, amazing shine, stunning colour, really bright, super fast, very smoothly, amazing colour, lasted perfectly, highly recommend..
Cons [156]: absolute waste, shoddy finish, really disappointing, quite disappointed, really disappointed, very subtle shine, horrible product, very disappointed, really awful, been disappointed, really dull, worst nail polish..
Best price: £3.99
 [Senti score 72.3%]   

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